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The many cows of Christmas – Part 1

I hope you had a very merry Christmas yesterday (if that’s what you celebrate). We had a great time at our house and my kids received an avalanche of Lego toys and books that kept them entertained for the whole day.

As for me, I received several presents and I quickly noticed a pattern regarding several gifts. I saw cows. Lots of cows. In various shapes, sizes and colors. So I thought I’d share, because if you know someone who likes cows (or simply blogs about cows), these are some cool and fun presents.

I’ll start with the cow headband.

Elope cow headband
Elope cow headband

This cow headband was a gift from my sister. First the kids said it looked silly when I unwrapped it. Then they said I looked ridiculous when I put it on. However, the minute I put it down (after wearing it for a couple of hours), one of my kids snatched it and put it on his head. And so the headband went from one head to another for the whole day.

This cow headband goes very well with the other cow gifts, but you’ll have to wait for the next posts to find out what they are. Can you guess? I’ll give you a few clues: there are three more cow gifts waiting to be showcased, and like this gift, they all can be worn.

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