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Cows make great companions for dogs

I had to make a quick visit to Petsmart, my local pet store, yesterday. I’ve got plenty of cat litter but I’ve run out of litter box liners, which makes cleaning the cat litter box a lot easier. I’m also running out of cat food, and although my cat is quite overweight, I don’t want to have him go hungry. It makes him cranky and very vocal. And by that I meanVERY vocal…

My kids can’t go to Petsmart without visiting a few specific aisles, including the fish tanks, the guinea pig and hamster area, the reptile display and, just by the register, the dog toy clearance rack. It’s not the first time I’ve seen cows used as dog toys at the pet store but this cow dog toy is “reduced to clear”. Poor little cow, who wouldn’t want to take it home?

Cow dog toy

Now, I think this poor cow below needs immediate rescuing. Watch out, there’s a lion behind your back! Argh, this is not going to end well. Clean up on Aisle 2!

Cow dog toy at Petsmart
Cow dog toy at Petsmart

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