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Forget about husky clothes. How about beefy?

I’ve spent a little time this past few days looking for some new clothes for my eldest. Both he and his brother have experienced recent growth spurts and I’ve had to switch their clothes for bigger sizes. Unfortunately I’m missing a few sweatshirts for my five-year old and finding them in April in San Diego is Mission Impossible. Apparently stores think it’s 80 degrees all day, every day starting on the very first day of Spring.

I looked at all the boys’ clothes at Target and didn’t have any luck, but during my search I found something unexpected. Cows selling T-shirts. Meet Hanes beefy T-shirts for boys.

Hanes beefy T-shirts
Hanes beefy T-shirts

I want to guess Hanes has no plans on making friends with vegetarian customers. What do you think?

I’ve heard of husky size clothes in the past and that’s the only “animal” I’ve seen associated with clothing. Is beefy even wider size than husky? If someone could enlighten me and give me the meaning of “beefy” T-shirts, I’d really appreciate it.

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