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I didn’t see just one real cow, but two of them

Actually I saw a whole bunch of cows yesterday when I drove with my boys to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We saw our first herd as we took our last turn before reaching the park. They were happily grazing and enjoying a beautiful sunny morning. I wasn’t expecting to see any cows on our way so I didn’t have my regular camera or my cell phone camera ready. Sorry, no photos of these cows for you…

After spending most of the day at the Safari Park in the company of  a few other thousand tourists visiting San Diego for Spring break, we got back in the car and started our drive home. Just a few minutes into it, I spotted more animals in a field on the side of the road. It was a whole herd of goats this time, with their shepherd walking behind (should he be called a goatherd?). Sorry, no pictures of goats either. And behind him, I spotted two cows. The kids missed the cows when we drove by, so I turned around and drove by again, more slowly this time so they could see them and I could try to take a picture. It’s not the best shot but you’ll still be able to see one Holstein cow and one black one in the tall grass. They were just quietly walking behind the man. I’m impressed!

Cows walking in a field
Cows walking in a field

It’s not every day I see real cows but yesterday I saw a whole bunch. Quite a special day…

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