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More cow creamers, please

Since we’re slowly recovering from our stomach bug attack (the kids are faring better than me), we decided to take my mom out to breathe some San Diego fresh air at the San Diego Zoo this morning. It was a nice day to go. Some winter holiday tourists joined us, but not that many. The weather was cool but not too cool and it felt perfect in the sun. The animals were out and about and we didn’t have to look too hard to spot them.

On our way out, we stopped by the gift shop to browse the zoo’s new offerings. If you’ve had little ones, you know they have to look at every single shelf in the store before they can leave. That gave me the opportunity to find these cute cow creamers:

Cow creamers at the San Diego Zoo
Cow creamers at the San Diego Zoo

 I like these cow creamers but of course I’d never buy them because of my clumsiness. Out of all the cow creamers I’ve seen this year, I think these cow creamers from Target are the best looking ones.

Do you have a cow shaped creamer at your house?

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