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Cow gifts from afar

Did you notice I didn’t post yesterday? For the first time in this whole year I skipped a daily post. But I had a good reason. Really, I did. Remember when I took my youngest to Dairy Queen last week and he got sick in his bed a couple of hours after that? Well, he had a stomach bug. A nasty stomach bug he then passed on to his brother, then his father, and then me. Here’s the score at our house:

The stomach bug: 4
Us: 0 (as in, we were reduced to nothing)

‘Tis the season for stomach bugs, so I hope you stay away!

I did have some cool cows to show you yesterday but was just too weak to type, so here they are today. My mom is visiting us for the holidays and she’s taking on to this daily cow blog a little too seriously (don’t tell her, I’m enjoying the cow sightings). So she brought me two gifts from afar. The first one is a plastic cow you can use in a manger display. We don’t have one but my youngest seems to have a lot of fun playing with it. This cow was actually made in Spain:

Cow laying down in the manger
Cow laying down in the manger

But wait, that’s not all my mom got me. Check out the European version of the Chia Pets. Here’s the cow grass hair grow kit:

Cow grass hair grow kit
Cow grass hair grow kit

 I love the tongue hanging out and the cute laced shoes. My five year old took a quick look at the box and said, “Look, you feed the cow grass and grass grows out of its head!” Yeah, it’s kind of like that…

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