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Happy Thanksgiving! Eat turkey, not beef

I wanted to start today’s post with this funny cartoon I’ve seen on other blogs to celebrate Thanksgiving. Is there’s one blog this cartoon is most appropriate when it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s this one!

Thanksgiving turkeys moo for the blind man

We’re invited for Thanksgiving dinner later today (I’m bringing dessert!), so we decided to spend some quality time as a family at a new local park and playground this morning. Well, the playground isn’t new but we haven’t there for so long, it’s like new to us. And the kids had fun, so it worked out well for all of us.

I happened to see cows while we were playing there. Many cows. I’ve seen similar cows at another local playground but this one has two sets! Here’s the first set of triple jackpot cows:

Triple jackpot cows
Triple jackpot cows

And the second set was on another playground structure not far from this one:

Cows make the triple jackpot
Cows make the triple jackpot

But enough cows for today. Now, how about some turkey? Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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