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It’s a dot-to-dot cow!

Right now my five-year old loves doing mazes, dot-to-dot and color by the number activities. Unfortunately most of the dot-to-dot sheets we have only go up to 20, 30 if we’re lucky. So this afternoon I searched online for more complex dot-to-dot puzzles, where it’s hard to guess the shape without connecting all the dots.

That’s when I found this dot-to-dot sheet. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint: look for the udders…

dot-to-dot cow puzzle sheet
dot-to-dot cow puzzle sheet

I love that the designers didn’t want to go over 90 and allow the kids to draw the udders on their own. What are they really afraid of?

I also found this rhyming puzzle on the Crayola website and it happens to have a cow on the sheet, as well as in the puzzle itself. Can you guess what rhymes with “dew”? I so wanted to say “poo”. Come on, it almost works!

Rhyming puzzle with a cow
Rhyming puzzle with a cow

Knotrune also sent me an email earlier this week to let me know she found beautiful photos of oxen on another WordPress blog, so feel free to visit and take a look at them too. Thanks, Knotrune. You’re pretty good at spotting your daily cows!

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