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There’s a new cow making our house its home

My husband got a large bag of hot peppers from one of his co-workers earlier this week. I’m planning to chop a bunch and feed them to the squirrel who’s been wrecking havoc in my garden the whole summer. I hope this will teach him a lesson but so far the little sucker has been resistant to stink spray and squirrel bait (=poison), so I’m not sure if these hot peppers will keep him away this time…

My husband offered his local friends on Facebook to have some of our peppers and a friend of ours kindly accepted. They met for the transaction this morning and my husband came back home with a present from him… It was a cow puzzle! My youngest and I built this 100-piece puzzle with a little frustration (mostly his, not mine) but we completed it pretty quickly. Here’s our new cow puzzle in its entirety:

100-piece cow puzzle
100-piece cow puzzle

Thanks, Jim! You’re quite a funny guy!

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