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Cows can be puzzling

Cows can be puzzling. Or puzzled. As in a puzzle. Yes, I believe today’s cow is the first of its kind for the year and it comes from a puzzle we have in our house. My three-year-old son likes to do this puzzle over and over, put it away for a few weeks, then go back to it. It’s got only 24 pieces and I swear he could do it with his eyes closed. He’s a little puzzle wiz and makes me so proud…

Here’s the puzzle he decided to do this afternoon right after lunch, a couple of times in a row:

Farm animal puzzle with cow
Farm animal puzzle with cow

Isn’t itthe cutest puzzle you’ve ever seen? Thanks, Target for the $1 item! And you’ve got to give it to the puzzle makers for placing the baby pig right next to the baby cow. By the way, doesn’t this pig look like Babe? Aw…

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