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Cows from North and South America

Warning: today’s post is going to have international flair. Don’t worry, there will be no international secrets stolen, no mention of wars, or weapons of mass destruction. Not even any mention of food. Alright, if you really want to know, French cuisine still is the best in the world.

My best cow spotting of the day happened when I was shopping at Target this morning with my youngest. As we were making our way to the registers, we strolled past the girls’ clothing department. Having two boys, this is the one department I never, ever visit in this store. Or any other store. But this T-shirt was hanging right by the main aisle, just waiting for me to notice it:

Cow T-shirt at Target
Cow T-shirt at Target

Does it really say May 1964? Is this a vintage T-shirt with a cow on it? Wow. Wow cow! And if you’re wondering, yes, the pink ribbon is actually a real ribbon attached to the shirt. Lovely. I have to admit, although I find girls’ clothes a lot cuter than boys’ clothes, this is the one exception that makes me glad I have boys.

For the next cow sighting, I’d like to thank Sarah at Sarsm’s Blog. She sent me a message earlier today with a link to another blog featuring some very cool-looking cows. The photos were taken in Panama and are featured on Panamajama’s Blog – here’s one of them:

Cow sculpture in Panama -
Cow sculpture in Panama -

To view the other cow sculpture, as well as beautiful sculptures of other animals, feel free to visit Panamajama’s Blog. As for poor Sarah, she admits she now sees cows everywhere. I know she wants to blame me for setting the cow seed in her head, but really, she’s just another proof the daily cow sighting theory is for real. Thanks, Sarah!

2 thoughts on “Cows from North and South America

    1. Oh, if your kids know about the daily cow sighting theory, you’re in big trouble! My kids spot the cows everywhere before I ever get a chance to. And they always scream out loud, Mama, it’s your cow of the day! Makes a lot of people wonder what the heck they’re talking about…

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