4 thoughts on “Another cow helps sell beer

    1. Haha, now that would be disgusting, but the cigarette smoke from the bar could cause the sneezing.

      Or… the bull drank the Coors Light without knowing it was light beer and spat it out where he realized it was, including through his nostrils… That would be gross too!

  1. Like many species, bulls fight by butting heads, snorting and pawing trying to beat up the smaller and weaker bulls. These behaviors are part of their natural mating habits. The “snorting” is actually feared, as it signals seriousness and generally stopping at nothing to get what they want. Coors Light is a big sponsor of many agricultural events, so this is generally understood. What I find is interesting is the subliminal message is that perhaps if you drink it, you are similar to the bull and can get the heifers and should be feared. It’s actually even funnier, especially since I’ve grown up in Colorado with Coors and around cattle all my life. If I were to walk in and actually see someone drinking it (which where I live, many people do), I would laugh out loud! It’s usually some guy watching his calories and not that that in itself is bad, just very funny! Now I want one of those signs – LOL! Whats funny too is a Longhorn is a small, lean type of cattle and that fits too!

    1. I guess Coors is trying to make its male drinkers masculine enough about drinking light beer. It won’t make them sissies and even turn them into bulls… You should look around if you can spot one of these neon signs. There has to be one where you live (Colorado).

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