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Meet the dairy cows in the dairy aisle at Trader Joe’s

I’ve shared my cow sightings at Trader Joe’s in the past, including a close imitation of “Le Boeuf” poster and some funny-looking cows in irrelevant aisles. It’s been a challenge to take more pictures of cows, even though there are so many of them in the store, because the company has a no-photo policy. How inconvenient is this policy for someone like me, really?

Today I managed to take a few more photos of cows, this time in the dairy department. I used my son as a Trader Joe’s employee spotter. He did a great job as I was able to capture the two images below with my cell phone camera. The first one is a large wooden board right above the dairy department:

Dairy cows at Trader Joe's
Dairy cows at Trader Joe's

You’ll find the second cow image right above the milk shelves. What the cow says is true. Trader Joe’s does have great milk prices compared to some other grocery stores. $2.99 for a gallon of milk, what a deal!

Cow and milk prices at Trader Joe's
Cow and milk prices at Trader Joe's

Besides trying to capture illicit cow photos, what makes Trader Joe’s fun is the search for the green monkey. Every day Trader Joe’s employees hide a plush green monkey in the store for kids to find. The lucky explorers choose a prize from a gift box, from pieces of fruit to granola bars to lollipops.

Well, today was the most disappointing search for the green monkey ever. After a couple of unsuccessful trips all around the store, we asked an employee for a hint of the monkey location. Last time I saw him, he was by the registers and the exit door, the employee told us. Well, that’s where we went and there was no monkey to be found. So we proceeded through the register and asked the cashier if he had any idea of the monkey’s surroundings. Er, he was around here yesterday but I’m not sure about today, he told us. He even asked another employee who was just as clueless. We ended up leaving the store and never spotting the monkey so I asked my son to explain its disappearance. His story goes like this: last night the monkey got bored so it escaped and went to visit the real monkeys at the San Diego Zoo. It had so much fun playing there, it stayed with the zoo monkeys and decided not to come back to Trader Joe’s. My son concluded the story with this statement: next time we go to the zoo, we’ll have to look for the green monkey!

Yes, I bet we’ll be looking for the green monkey at the zoo for even longer than we did at Trader Joe’s today…

2 thoughts on “Meet the dairy cows in the dairy aisle at Trader Joe’s

  1. Love the cows at Trader Joes. In fact, Trader Joes is just the place to go for all your food needs. We have a large family of eight – and we’re always heading town to the city to get out week’s supply of TJ’s – and then we truck back up the hill to home.

    Love that place. Love the cows. Love the food. Love the atmosphere.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Trader Joe’s has to be one of my favorite store. Besides the helpful employees and the green monkey search, I love the food choices there. Being French, a few of my favorites are the frozen pains au chocolat (tastes so much like home!), the bread loaves, the green beans and the cheese.
      And yes, there are many, many cows at TJ’s…

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