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Everybody loves cows everywhere!

I took my kids to the San Diego Safari Park this morning (formerly known at the San Diego Wild Animal Park). We’re zoo members so it’s great to use our passes to spend a few hours enjoying the fresh air and the animal sightings, and leave when we feel the summer tourists are taking the place over.

Right down the road from the park, the kids and I spotted some cows in a distant field grazing on yellow grass. I had to make a right turn to get to the park so we didn’t drive in front of them and take a picture. On the way back the kids were exhausted and I completely forgot to turn the other way for my photo opportunity, so I have nothing to show you. Better luck next time!

But it’s OK, you can relax and breathe easy. My fellow blogger at Queen of Zoom posted many images of cows on her blog today, and I can’t help but acknowledge them. Her teenage daughter loves cows and collects them – I hope they keep all the bovines corraled in her bedroom… Her collection includes plush cows, cow toys, cow decor of many kinds. She even owns a cow keychain just like the one I discovered last week at Michael’s. Wow, she really is a cow fan.

Here’s one picture of her cow collection:

Cow collection at Queen of Zoom
Cow collection at Queen of Zoom

Go see the rest of the cows at Queen of Zoom but watch out for serious overload of cow images!

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