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Cows and breastfeeding

As I was browsing images on Google this afternoon, looking for a few pictures to use in an upcoming post on breastfeeding on my Perfecting Motherhood blog, I saw more than I thought I wanted to see. I get that’s what happens when you search for breastfeeding pictures. Apparently some men find it funny to pose as breastfeeders… But the funniest part is that Google keeps surprising me every day with its awkward, completed unrelated-to-my-request search results. Do you experience the same problem, or is it just me?

At least, Google gave me a good laugh today. When I searched for “funny breastfeeding pictures”, this is the very first image that popped up in the search results:

Cow udder-feeding in public
Cow udder-feeding in public

How funny is that??? Why would a cow be the first displayed image? I have to admit, this cartoon is hilarious. Is that what people think about when they see a woman breastfeeding in public? I hope not!

I continued my search through the images and a few rows down, I found this picture:

Save the moo juice
Save the moo juice

Apparently you can buy T-shirts with this artwork on it and support your breastfeeding efforts. Very cute.

I don’t think I’ll use any of these pictures in my upcoming post but it surely provided me with some funny cow sightings for the day!

2 thoughts on “Cows and breastfeeding

  1. Hmmm…Does Google have a secret spy that found out the “daily cow” blog lady was searching for breastfeeding pics and decided to give you a laugh? :) Pretty funny cartoon….and the little saying on the shirt is cute for breastfeeding mommies. :)

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