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Time for tractor tipping with Cars’ Lightning Mc Queen!

I was going to show you a cow I saw in a children’s book earlier today but then we happened to revisit the first Disney’s Cars movie this afternoon. I find a scene in this movie much more entertaining than my original cow pick, so why not use it tonight instead, to finish the weekend on a funny note?

I first saw this Cars (#1) movie a few weeks ago while we were on vacation. I’ve had no interest in seeing it before – there’s something about talking cars that really doesn’t excite me. And it did take me a lot of adjusting to the idea, probably 30 minutes. Even my oldest commented that watching speaking cars making funny faces looked “weird” and he’s the one with tons of imagination, but we ended up enjoying the movie.

Now if you’ve seen it before, you may remember the scene where Mater teaches Lightning McQueen how to tip tractors.

Tractor tipping in Disney's Cars movie
Tractor tipping in Disney's Cars movie

Watching this scene for the first time made me laugh so hard, I was happy to be sitting down! I learned about the expression “cow tipping” earlier this year while blogging about a TV show, but this is giving it a whole new concept. I just love the numerous mooing noises coming out of the tractors when they can’t help but tip as Mater and Lightning McQueen scare them. What a funny idea!

Here’s the tractor tipping scene for your enjoyment. Don’t watch this at work or your co-workers may wonder why you’re watching mooing cows…

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