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Meet a rare white buffalo – a symbol of hope

I was browsing the latest online news this afternoon and got the opportunity to view Yahoo’s best snapshot images of the week. One of them was the photo of this beautiful, very rare white buffalo (not albino) from Greenville, TX:

Rare white buffalo born in Greenville, TX in 2011
Rare white buffalo born in Greenville, TX in 2011

Aw, is he cute or what?

White buffalos are extremely rare – a one-in-ten-million occurrence – and Native Americans consider them sacred. To celebrate last month’s unique birth, the Lakota ranch held an official naming ceremony on June 29, 2011 (on my birthday!). Everyone, meet Lightning Medicine Cloud (Wakinya Pejuta Mahpiya). By the way, if you’re in Texas, you’ve got until the end of tomorrow (July 4th) to pay a visit to this little guy on display at the ranch.

The legend of the white buffalo was passed down by the Lakota Sioux. It tells about the arrival of a White Buffalo Calf Woman to teach the people how to pray in sacred ways. The White Buffalo Calf Woman is said to return after four white buffalos are born and it’s not clear if Lightning Medicine Cloud was the third of its kind ever born. The birth of a white calf is said to be a sign that prayers are being heard or a good omen that will bring peace, harmony, unity, and a symbol of hope. Now, that’s something we could all use.

6 thoughts on “Meet a rare white buffalo – a symbol of hope

      1. If you ever drive that way, I’m sure you could stop by and try to catch a glimpse of this white buffalo. I wonder if it’s like a buddha – you rub its belly for good luck… ;-)

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