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Meet the California cows

I’ve driven past this billboard twice in less than a week so I figure the least I could do is display it as today’s cow sighting. I get the hint when I see one.

Real California Milk billboard - Meet us. Meet our cows.
Real California Milk billboard - Meet us. Meet our cows.

I like this billboard. It wants to give a face to the product, not just a cow face, but a farmer face. And I see nothing wrong with that.

What I’ve always found more disturbing with the “Real California Milk” ad campaign is the use of the word “real”. Real, as in, authentic? Authentic from California, or authentic milk? Gosh, I hope I drink real milk every day. But I do understand the concept behind it. There are dairy cows in California, and since I live in the state, I should buy its milk. I’m all for it, buying local, rather than food products being shipped from across the country. I bought eggs at Target one day and realized they came all the way from Minnesota! Simply because Target is headquartered there, how silly.

Do you try to buy your fresh food from local sources? Or do you get whatever is available at the store you’re shopping at?

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