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Get ready for the Happy Cow car wash laser show!

I could use this daily post to show you my many cow sightings of the day, from the dairy in my fridge to the newest children’s books we borrowed. But something happened to me last night that is a lot more important to share. It’s a truly amazing discovery in my daily cow journey.

While volunteering for a school event at the school district, I happened to discuss my cow blog with the other volunteer parents. Suddenly I heard one of the moms say, have you been to the Happy Cow Car Wash?

The what??? I exclaimed. Don’t tell me there’s such a thing as a happy cow car wash. I know California is the state of happy cows (at least that’s what the California Happy Cows ad campaign tells me) but to think there are happy cows at the car wash… She went on to explain it’s a laser show with lights, music and dancing cows, and her kids loved to go there when they were younger.

It's the Happy Cow Car Wash!
It's the Happy Cow Car Wash!

ou know me, I had to check things out for myself. Well, it’s a real car wash and it has a real Happy Cow Car Wash website, where you can find videos of the “laser show laser wash”. Here’s probably the best video to show you how it works:

Wow, I have to see this with my own eyes. My kids scream and panic every time I ask them if we can wash the car because the high pressure water and the associated noises freak them out. This happy cow car wash would make the whole experience fun, don’t you think? My only question to the owner is, why the cow, man? I’ve wondered about the not-so subliminal use of cows as selling power, and I’m ready to bet this car wash knows a thing or two about it.

Dancing cow at the Happy Cow Car Wash
Dancing cow at the Happy Cow Car Wash

8 thoughts on “Get ready for the Happy Cow car wash laser show!

      1. Well…if I ever get the chance to visit San Diego…I will have to put this car wash on my must see list! How funny that a car wash would be on the list, huh? :)

      2. We took the kids there today!!! My car was so dirty and we were not far from it so we gave it a try. My youngest doesn’t like car washes because they’re too loud and he whined the whole time, but a few hours later he said it was fun. Go figure…

  1. Perfecting Motherhood, Happy Cow Car Wash was a dairy drive through back in the ’70’s before it was a car wash. The Lazer Show Laser Wash bay was where you would order your milk and diary products from until it was turned into a disco car night club car wash rave show!!! HAHA

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