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I saw today’s cow at the San Diego Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

We paid a visit to our local science museum this morning, San Diego’s Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. We haven’t been there for a long time – I’m guessing about two years – so we had a lot to look at and play with. The Kid City area was remodeled last year and our kids are a great time trying out every single activity.

We eventually managed to pull them out of there and visit the rest of the museum. There was quite a lot about natural disasters and weather / geological events and we learned a lot. That’s when I noticed this large panel about spring boxes:

Cows on panel at San Diego Reuben H Fleet Science Museum
Cows on panel at San Diego Reuben H Fleet Science Museum

I actually learned about spring boxes, something I never heard about before today. Cattle ranchers use them to prevent water springs from overflowing and wetting the land. This water can create quick sand, which could lead the cows to a fast, tragic end. So there you have it, cows on an educating panel at the science museum. Cows really are everywhere.

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