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Cow skulls: a symbol of the American life

I’ve spotted quite a number of cow skulls since the beginning of 2011 (on NBC’s The Office, at the San Diego Zoo, on book back covers, and on trailer hitches) so I know it’s just a matter of time until I see another one.

Tonight my kids asked to watch a YouTube video they haven’t seen in a long time called Funny Bear (French version) or Gummy Bear (English version). If you’ve never seen this video, it’s worth all 2 minutes 41 seconds of it.

The original character is called Gummibar and is German – a cute childish character as jellylike as a gummy bear (did you notice the wiggly butt close-ups!). In this video, only wearing a pair of underwear and sneakers, Gummy Bear sings and performs as he travels around the world. Quickly appearing in an undisclosed US Southwest location 45 seconds into the video, Gummy Bear manages to do his wiggly dance in front of a ranch gate simply ornated with a cow skull:

Gummy Bear video features a cow skull
Gummy Bear video features a cow skull

Who knew cow skulls were so popular they’d make an appearance in a kid music video?

Talking about kids, here’s a cow that was hanging out in the toy aisle at Food4Less this afternoon:

Plush cow at Food4Less
Plush cow at Food4Less

Will someone please adopt the weird-looking but very lovable Bossy the Cow?

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