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A cow stealing milk at WalMart?

Cow suit - cow costume
Cow suit - cow costume

Surfing the news on the internet… I’ve done it in the past and it’s only led me to seeing cows. Today was no exception and I clearly haven’t learned my lesson yet. Although, I have to admit I’m quite ecstatic about what I stumbled upon and I feel compelled to share this story with you. Read on, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Imagine a cow entering WalMart, grabbing gallons of milk off the shelf and pushing them out of the store in a cart without paying for any of it. Do you think I’m making this up? Well, the answer is, partially. The real story happened more this way. A man dressed in a cow suit entered a WalMart store in Virginia – I need to mention he was walking on all fours at the time of entry. You have to wonder what the elderly WalMart greeter thought as he/she saw the cow entering the store… The cow man grabbed 26 gallons of milk, put them in a cart, which he pushed right out of the store, skipping the registers. He then proceeded to give away the milk to passers-by, who all refused! People, are you insane? When a cow offers you free milk so you don’t have to pay $4 a gallon, you don’t say no!

The man was eventually arrested – do I need to mention the arrest happened at a burger joint? At the time the article was written, there was no clear explanation for his behavior, except for a possible prank that went wrong. I’ll let you read the original article about this man in a cow suit on your own. It’s udderly clear the reporter and quite a few other people had fun coming up with puns…

It’s nice to see that even when milk prices go down, some people don’t lose their sense of humor. Let’s hope this poor guy faces a lenient judge. One who likes cows…

6 thoughts on “A cow stealing milk at WalMart?

    1. Oh my gosh, this is HILARIOUS, thanks for sharing! It’s so interesting to compare American to European ads. American ads are all about price and features, blah blah blah. European ads use humor way more often, for everything, from milk to cars. I love it!

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