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Cows help sell anything, from milk to cars

Since the rain we’ve been exposed to for the past several days decided to stop today, we took the kids for a quick visit to SeaWorld San Diego this morning. Last time we went there, I ran into the lifesize talking cow at the Mango Joe’s Cafe. That was an interesting and memorable experience in itself.

Today we organized our visit around a multitude of closed exhibits and pathways. It seems the SeaWorld people have decided to remodel half of the park before the summer season. One show I really wanted to take my youngest to is Pets Rule. It took his brother during our last visit and we both enjoyed it, so we decided the rest of our family should see it too.

Pets Rule is by far the BEST show at SeaWorld San Diego. From the fact that all the animals taking part in the show were rescued from shelters across the country, to the hilarious screenplay and gigs, Pets Rule will light up 20 minutes of anyone’s day. My youngest was apprehensive when he realized he’d have to sit on bleachers but quickly changed his mind as soon as the show started.

The Pets Rule stage is full of props larger than life. One of them happens to be a milk bottle with, you guessed it, the face of a happy cow on it.

SeaWorld San Diego - Pets Rule milk bottle with happy cow
SeaWorld San Diego - Pets Rule milk bottle with happy cow

If you’ve never seen the show, I won’t tell you what happens to the tabby kitties who jump into the bottle to drink some milk, but you’re in for a good laugh.

As we left SeaWorld and trekked through the parking lot back to our car, I found this sticker on the back of a car.

Earnhardt car dealer - no bull
Earnhardt car dealer - no bull

My husband said he’s seen it on other cars, so it must be some popular dealer, all the way from Arizona. I have to say I love the bull photo on the history page of the Earnhardt dealer website. Forget about “no bull”, that’s plenty of bull on that page!

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