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What can you build with Legos? Well, cows, of course!

One of the books we got from the library yesterday is called The Ultimate Lego Book and as you would guess, it’s full of interesting Lego creations and Lego trivia. It was published right around the time Legoland California opened, so we’re getting to visit the various Legoland parks worldwide, including our own local park. My oldest is into Legos and loves flipping through the pages to get some ideas for his next building session. Even though we have a lot of Lego pieces (I really hate those little suckers, especially when I get to step on that one that escaped from the group), there’s no way we could build most of the fancy displays shown in the book. Thanks, Lego people!

After looking through the book with my son, we found only one cow in there (you know there had to be one!) and I find it to be the most inappropriate cow representation for a children’s book…

Lego bull fighter and Lego bull
Lego bull fighter and Lego bull

My initial reaction was, what the hell is bull fighting doing in a children’s book??? Apparently this toreador and his bull were created by a teenage boy in Latin America, making him the lucky winner of the Lego World Cup first prize in his age group. Although I want to give the kid proper credit for his talent and creativity, I really wonder what the publishing company was thinking when it decided to dedicate a full page to it. How do they want me to explain this scene to a four year old? If they really wanted to include a cow in this book, couldn’t they have picked the happy dairy cow grazing on green pastures? Hey, I’ve got plenty of examples in this blog!

Argh, where are those PETA people when you need them?

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