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Why do toy cows have to look weird?

Have you ever noticed how unrealistic some animal toys look? From weird shapes to funky colors, sometimes those toys make you wonder what their designers were smoking in the brainstorming room.

The cows pictured below were sitting on one of the toy shelves at WalMart.

Weird looking stuffed cows at WalMart
Weird looking stuffed cows at WalMart

Now, I’m not even sure what I’m looking at. Is that a cow with dalmatian spots and a hairless belly, and another with panda patterns? Oh wait, I’ve seen this one before – it’s called a panda cow! I know they’re supposed to be cows, but I swear those designers are just trying to play tricks with my mind.

Now I don’t know how to get this picture out of my head! What’s that? Oh, sorry, it’s stuck in yours too, huh? Just close your eyes and think happy thoughts, without cows… Clicking on any other page of this blog should help too.

By the way, it’s the end of February and my unscientific “daily cow sighting” experiment has proven true for the first two months of the year already. Looking forward to the March cows!

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