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Did you know the world’s oldest cow lives in Australia?

Yesterday, Molly B’s good samaritan rescuer stopped by this blog and kindly provided an update on Molly. If you’d like to read how Molly is doing, go to the Comments section of Today’s cow is Unsinkable Molly B – a cow with more lives than a cat! post.

Today I happened to read an official article on Molly B while browsing the online news,  which led me to another article. That’s how I found out that the oldest cow seems to live in Australia and is about 32 years old. Wow, I had no idea cows could live that long! That must be some good grass down under…

The world's oldest cow lives in Australia
The world's oldest cow lives in Australia

And just like Molly B, Nellie was rescued from the slaughterhouse many years ago. Another happy, moooving ending!

Alright, if you think I made my daily cow encounter happen today by purposely reading articles on cows, here’s where else I saw cows:

– I saw a dairy truck in front of a small grocery store as I was driving, by but didn’t manage to snap a photo of it (after all, I was driving).

– I saw several cows at breakfast time when my son flipped through a book on children’s songs that features more cows than you could ever imagine, even when there’s no mention of cows in most of the songs.

– We got a new Blue’s Clues DVD from the library and there are a few cow guests in one of the episodes. I’m guessing my kids will request a replay soon, so you may see those cows in an upcoming post…

Are you seeing as many cows as I am? They just seem to keep coming from everywhere and anywhere…

2 thoughts on “Did you know the world’s oldest cow lives in Australia?

  1. I saw a cows tenderloin roast on my plate for lunch. It was delicious. Are you familar with Temple Grandin? She is the autistic woman featured in last years HBO movie, and Oliver Sacks (whom the movie “Awakenings” is about, starring Robert DeNiro) wrote about her in his book “An Anthropologist on Mars”. She is cow-obsessed, has a PhD in animal sciences, lives in Colorado,and designs cattle shoots and slaughter houses. Just thought to mention it here.

    1. Thanks for mentioning Temple Grandin. I’m familiar with the HBO movie but haven’t seen it yet. It will be interesting to see if I get to run into her / her story this year, rather than making it happen purposely.

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