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Food4Less means cows galore!

A trip to the grocery store is a solid guarantee you’ll meet your daily quota of cow sightings, especially if you spend even just a few seconds in the dairy department, glancing at milk cartons and yogurt cups.

During a quick run earlier today to my local grocery store to get some ice cream, I took a few pictures of the cow of the day. I’m used to seeing cow images but I think the one below tops them all.

Here’s how Food4Less shows their customers they have successful arrived to the dairy department:

See a cow every day with this dairy cow at Food4Less
See a cow every day with this dairy cow at Food4Less

I hate to admit it but this cow is enough to give me recurring nightmares. First it’s humongous – I really don’t feel comfortable having such a large animal staring at me when I’m refueling on milk for my family. Second, did you notice this cow had its legs chopped off??? Did the vendor simply run out of Gatorboard® and couldn’t give the sweet bovine its full body figure? That’s just freaky…

As you leave the store, you can’t help but notice the claw crane machines, especially if you’re in the company of children, as I was today. If you don’t want to see cows, stay away from claw machines because it’s a great place to spot them, and those cows are not the most good-looking ones!

Here’s the first trapped-in cow I spotted:

Dairy cow in claw machine
Dairy cow in claw machine

Hmm, it’s a cow. No, it’s a gremlin, maybe… Actually, I’m still not sure what it is. I love how it’s sitting right next to the spotted dog. Maybe they think they’re related?

I warn you for the next one – I think it’s a cow but I still have some doubts:

Purple cow in a claw machine
Purple cow in a claw machine

I guess it’s what you call a purple cow (if you a fan of the marketing guru Seth Godin, you’ll understand the analogy and want to check out Seth Godin’s Purple Cow book if you haven’t read it yet). I think Papa Smurf is keeping it good company.

Of course my kids asked me if I’d be kind enough to give them some money so they could “free” the cows from the claw machines. Nice try, but I just blog about cows, I don’t save them.

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